Monday, November 24, 2014

Blue Basement

Blue Basement (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

I have talked about Hugh Manatee and his friend Doll Finne, now I am going to focus on the place where Hugh and Doll live, the Blue Basement. The Blue Basement is a city at the bottom of the ocean where fish and sea mammals live. 

Life in the city is tough. This city is rotten to its foundations. The citizens of Blue Basement have built their city from the trash that is thrown into the ocean. Everything from the skyscrapers to the clothes the fish wear are made from the trash being put into the ocean.

What's a detective without a trusty sidekick? That is where Sparky comes in. Sparky is the newest character to join the Hugh Manatee gang. Sparky is a fluorescent jellyfish that follows Hugh on his cases and looks for clues. Even though Sparky has the personality of a dog, Hugh still treats Sparky as a partner.

Sparky the jellyfish (by: Thomas Sigwalt)
In this picture I wanted to show something unique to Sparky so I showed him eating his favorite treat. When Hugh is proud of what Sparky has done, he makes Sparky a "fish-jelly" sandwich. It can get messy, but Hugh doesn't mind.

Last week I showed my first comic strip I published in my school news paper. Here is the second installation in the Hugh Manatee series. 

I made a few changes in the process of making this comic strip, in comparison to the first Hugh Manatee comic strip. The first Hugh Manatee comic was published without a title and did not have my name on it. This time I made a title frame for the comic strip and included my name in the comic. This solved a lot of issues while making the Hugh Manatee comic look more professional.

2nd Comic Strip (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

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