Monday, March 24, 2014

Law and Enforcement

   The law in the city of Leur is skewed. The Police use a powerful tool to control the sectors of the city through power, fear, and technology. Nothing can stop them once they are under an order and only those with power can grab the attention of the police.

 After being appointed the guardians of the city, the police have done a good job of being manipulated by anyone with enough power and money. They could easily take control of the entire city of Leur, both rich and poor, if they were not bound to the system. 

The system can be described as a brainwashing process to expunge any form of rebellion and replace it with an unending loyalty to the job and to the duties that come with it.

Police Force by Thomas Sigwalt

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Wealth of Leur


I wanted to make a picture that symbolizes the wealthy in Leur. Their greed, their thirst for power, the way they control the city through fear. All of these things reminded me of vampires (NOT Twilight). I drew a modern depiction of what Dracula would look like if he lived in Leur.

Modern Dracula: by Thomas Sigwalt

Wealthy of Leur

The Wealthy of Leur are the ones in control of the city. Nothing happens without them knowing and anything that they wish to avoid does not happen. The rich are primarily corrupt, power hungry, and partying