Friday, September 11, 2015

Plants and Pixels

What happened? I was gone for a vacation and now there are plants are on my blog! It's okay, though. I think they are growing on me.

Hello, there! After an extended break I have returned to show off the wonders I have created. Witness for yourselves the beauty and awe of the plants that inhabit the land of Skyrim. There are many different plants in Skyrim and learning how to recreate them with vector art has been a joy.

Blood Crown- Skyrim (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

Blisterwort- Skyrim (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

Blue Mountain Flower- Skyim (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

Crimson Nirnroot- Skyrim (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

I started this project because I was interested to look a little bit closer at the art of nature. I love Skyrim, so I decided to examine its plants. I wanted these plants to be simple but have enough detail to be recognizable to fans of the game. I am satisfied with the progress I made and I think that I might continue working on Skyrim's plants in the future. 

I apologize for not having a consistent schedule for my blog posts. I am currently creating a business and that has taken up all of my time. I will try very hard to keep posting. I am going retro next post.