Sunday, December 14, 2014

We Are Not In Kansas Anymore

Hello everyone. I'm back with a progress report on Hugh Manatee and a few photos I added more color and detail to.

Sparky eating a fish-jelly sandwich (by:Thomas Sigwalt)

I have had two Hugh Manatee comic strips published in my school newspaper and I am currently working on my third. However, this has been a hectic week for me. Alongside the comic strip I am also finishing up my first semester of my senior year at college. I have projects, papers, presentations, and finals all coming at me at the same time and it can be overwhelming at times. So there is nothing new to report right now, but next time you can expect to see a new character and a comic strip. Thanks for checking in!

First Hugh Manatee Comic Strip  (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

Second Hugh Manatee Comic Strip (by: Thomas Sigwalt)



  2. Pretty sure we're going to need a new post soon...