Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Doll Finne

Doll Finne (by: Thomas Sigwalt)
Back with more Hugh Manatee! Today I'm going to introduce the lead female of the story and the location of the story. After that, I plan to cover an interesting progression to Hugh Manatee as a series. Now, I reveal the character Doll Finne and the city of Blue Basement. 

Doll Finne is, you guessed it, a dolphin. Doll has a career in photojournalism, however, she has to work harder than everyone else because she is a female working in a 1950s atmosphere. In the Blue Basement, females are not popular when it comes to having jobs that men would have taken. Doll picks the toughest jobs and scrapes up the grittiest stories that keep her career afloat and hone her skills.

Doll Finne is not a pushover. If needed, Doll can defend herself from nearly any fish that tries to catch her, however, Doll tries to avoid a conflict if possible. Doll Finne's ambitious attitude has helped her find bigger stories and more trouble. 

Blue Basement (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

Blue Basement is the city that both Hugh Manatee and Doll Finne live in. This rough city never sleeps. There are always fish busy doing something, whether it is trudging to work or preparing a bank robbery. Nobody comes out on top in Blue Basement. The best you can ask for is surviving. 

The Blue Basement is a city that was built by sea animals at the bottom of the ocean. The materials for building the city come from the trash being dumped into the ocean by humans.

Hugh and Doll (by: Thomas Sigwalt)

There is one person that Doll Finne trusts in Blue Basement: Hugh Manatee. Although Hugh might not trust her at times and he will fight against her, Hugh is still an honest manatee. Both Hugh and Doll have an attraction to each other, however, work got in the way. They have conflicting views when Hugh is trying to work on an investigation and Doll is working on a big story.

During the time I took off from posting I was able to publish a Hugh Manatee comic strip in my school's newspaper. Working for the newspaper will help me gain some experience in making comic strips and developing Hugh Manatee's story. I view this as a huge stepping stone to progressing Hugh Manatee into an actual animation. I will talk more about my progress in the next blog.

First Hugh Manatee Comic Strip (by: Thomas Sigwalt)