Monday, March 10, 2014

The Wealth of Leur


I wanted to make a picture that symbolizes the wealthy in Leur. Their greed, their thirst for power, the way they control the city through fear. All of these things reminded me of vampires (NOT Twilight). I drew a modern depiction of what Dracula would look like if he lived in Leur.

Modern Dracula: by Thomas Sigwalt

Wealthy of Leur

The Wealthy of Leur are the ones in control of the city. Nothing happens without them knowing and anything that they wish to avoid does not happen. The rich are primarily corrupt, power hungry, and partying

The wealthy do run the city smoothy and efficiently. The rich have ran the city so well in fact that Leur has experienced years of uninterrupted peace and prosperity. However, with the segregation of wealthy citizens, everyone who can not afford to be in the inner city has to struggle to survive every day. 

Peace can be experienced in the comfort of a wealthy home. No mob members try to attack the rich in the inner city because the police and the their machines have a strong hold on the city. Unfortunately, the police are only worried about the first class citizens and let other people die. If policemen get bored they will attack low class civilians claiming that they were a violent mob that needed to be taken care of for the good of Leur.

Becoming rich is more of a birthright. Most of the prosperity Leur has experienced has gone to the wealthy or the entertainment of the wealthy, even though most of the wealth comes from the work of the low class citizens. 

This makes working out of the Work Districts impossible. The only way out is if a wealthy family wants to adopt a low class citizen. This rarely happens and when it does, the person who was adopted can be subject to different treatment until they have proven their loyalty.

The lower class greatly out-number the wealthy. The main reason no group, mob, or civilian has never tried to overthrow the rich is because of the police. 

The Police hold the power in the city; however, they are used as tools for the rich and corrupt. The police have access to weapons and technology that are above anything in the Working Districts.

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