Monday, March 24, 2014

Law and Enforcement

   The law in the city of Leur is skewed. The Police use a powerful tool to control the sectors of the city through power, fear, and technology. Nothing can stop them once they are under an order and only those with power can grab the attention of the police.

 After being appointed the guardians of the city, the police have done a good job of being manipulated by anyone with enough power and money. They could easily take control of the entire city of Leur, both rich and poor, if they were not bound to the system. 

The system can be described as a brainwashing process to expunge any form of rebellion and replace it with an unending loyalty to the job and to the duties that come with it.

Police Force by Thomas Sigwalt

Police Soldier

The Police Soldiers are the foot soldiers of Leur. The Police Soldiers are highly trained gunmen who obey orders without question. Anything that needs to be done in Leur can be done through the power of the Police Soldiers. 

The headquarters of the police is in the rich districts of the city. Being a huge city and having to cover the law all throughout it makes it difficult for the police force.

The police force employs Police Soldiers from to both the rich and the poor districts since the job requires a lot of people to manage it. The risks are high but the pay is good, which is why this is one of the only chances a poor citizen may have to live a healthier, wealthier life (if they can life long enough). 

Police Soldiers are posted in the neighborhoods nearest to where they applied for the job. So a person living in a poor district would have to deal with all of the crimes and deaths surrounding the impoverished areas of Leur, where a rich citizen would be escorting important government officials and patrolling the rich streets at night.


This is a mech-suit made to enforce the law, with force. The Stompers are the captains of the police force. These people have proven their worth and willingness to serve the police force for long enough to be promoted to order other recruits around.

The people who tend to live long enough to earn this title are the Police Soldiers that live in the rich districts. The Stompers are given more freedoms and individual choices compared to Police Soldiers.

Because most Stompers have never been in life-and-death situations they are given a mechanical suit which augments all of their abilities, making them faster, stronger, and able to take in more information at once. While in the suit, a Stomper can lift cars, punch through walls and out-run any normal person.

This boost in ability is to lower the chances of a Stomper dying while performing his or her duties. Police Soldiers are cheap and easy to replace, but the Stompers have experience. Experience cannot be easily replaced.


These spidery machines are all-terrain backup squads that are deployed when normal Police Soldiers cannot cut it. The Crawlers are tactical units that tower over the Stompers and can carry multiple criminals back to base without using any roads.

Only a Stomper can pilot these machines. The Crawler was made without a main power supply to start the engines. The Stomper's suit serves as an energy source for the Crawler's engine. The engineers who built the Stomper had difficulty keeping the suit steadily powered at lower levels, so they kept the suit running at extra high power levels and designed the Crawler as a means to flush out the excess build-up of energy.

The Crawler can act as a means for officers or criminals to reach the Nest Blimps in the area. Crawlers can climb up the cables wired across the buildings in the city, allowing them a faster means of travel.

Nest Blimp

Large, fast and can fill up quickly. A Nest Blimp is a flying machine that use the latest models of technological transportation. Nest Blimps weigh about 300,000 lbs and can travel up to 500 mph in airway above Leur. 

The purpose of Nest Blimps is to transport the criminals from various districts to the Hive Penitentiary (a correction facility). The Nest Blimps are the homes of Crawlers. When a Crawler comes back from capturing the criminals it plants itself on the side of the blimp after dumping any criminals in the webbed cages.

Nest Blimps wander a district for a few weeks and when the blimp is full it heads to the Hive Penitentiary. 


Hive Penitentiary by Thomas Sigwalt

Hive Penitentiary 

The Hive Penitentiary is know as a cruel place to be. The purpose of it is stated to be a "correction facility," however, it is more of a brainwashing/torture chamber. Not much is heard about what actually goes on in the hive. The few people who do come out instantly join the police force, seemingly by their own decision.

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