Monday, February 24, 2014

Location and Feeling

Today I thought I would post on the location of where and when this graphic novel is going to take place. I then will go over describing the overall feeling I am trying to portray in this graphic novel. I have posted a picture to incorporate these topics and I will describe what I was trying to do in this picture.

Contrast Liquor (Thomas Sigwalt)

In this picture I tried to illustrate what I have been talking about in this post. I wanted to add some contrast between the characters and the bar so I made them blue and the bar red, with orange liquor spilling on the mustard floor.

I also tried to add a story telling element in this be  having the reflection show the guy drinking his liquor while the others have been beaten up.


This story is rooted in a city of Lueur. Lueur is french for glow. Because of this the city has developed the nickname the Gilded City.

This city has had a boom in its money making the economy grow. The money has not been balance properly and because of that the rich and wealthy have been celebrating while the middle class and the poverty stricken areas struggle to keep with the demands of the city.

The government, the police, the mail service all are corrupt and controlled by those with enough power, money and influence in Lueur. Many laws are used to conveniently give the corrupt more power.

One example of this corruption is gun use has been outlawed dew to the change in atmosphere. The main fuel source has been pumping out a highly explosive gas in the atmosphere for generations. Any gun use would cause an explosion that would end up killing the shooter.

The police use mech suits that launch harpoons at high velocities safely. Police will arrest and detain any person caught with any gun (even if it does not explode).

This change has caused an increase in citizens living near gangs being hunted and beaten down. Gangs will own except the strong in their homes and they send out new members to hunt and kill a person with their hands to prove their worth.

 There has recently been a rise of a cult that call themselves the Mayflies. They collect guns and fire them at their targets while in crowed areas killing their target with the bullet and killing people around them with the explosion. They plan to get their point of the corruption across through their sacrifice and the victims' deaths.

In the middle of all of this is a small bar by the name of Night Cap. This is located in a very rough neighborhood where gangs kill citizens, gangs fight gangs and police attack everyone.

The years of living in this setting have forged a new bread of fighters. People stop in Night Cap to enjoy the good drinks, but only the talented fighters have become common customers.


The feeling I want from this story is a powerful one. I want to have fight scenes with skilled fighters fighting through streets and into buildings. I want large groups of people fist fighting each other. There will be fights that involve knives, bats, swords, and makeshift weapons.

My goal is to bring back a fell of epic fights. I plan give this story a medieval feeling where society has to rely on their fists to get what they want.

I will have love and romance in this story, but only for the purpose of advancing or aid the plot. Their will be loyalties pledged and backstabbing practiced.

The "main character" of the story is the Night Cap bar. People will come and go either by death or another means but the Night Cap endures.

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