Monday, April 21, 2014

The Cover in Color and Hugh Manatee

Last week I posted a black and white picture of a chapter cover for my graphic novel. I wanted to revisit that picture and see how it would look in color. I like how the picture turned out. Adding color is another layer of flavor that I love in my artworks. However, making a colored art piece takes much longer and requires a lot of patience and looking at color swatches.

Colored cover art: by Thomas Sigwalt

A question for the reader:

“Do you want me to post more colored pictures on my blog or is what I’m doing now fine?”

The reason I ask this is I want to manage my time more efficiently for my blog. If my audience wishes more colored content then I will deliver, however, I will be limited to just a few art pieces if I do more colored content. If you are okay with what I am doing now, then I will be posting one colored art piece every 3 weeks. 

Hugh Manatee: by Thomas Sigwalt

On a different note: I have posted a picture of a new comic character I have been working on. The character’s name is Hugh Manatee (I like puns :3). Hugh Manatee is a private detective who solves crimes and tragic affairs. Most stories will be tragedies, but there will also be a side of humor too.

Hugh Manatee is a comic series and will be limited to a few slides per post. I plan the comics to be like a newspaper comic strip.    

I plan on posting Hugh Manatee in my blog to show something different that I am working on. If the audience wants to see more of Hugh Manatee then I will make sure I use him in my post as a regular. If the readers don’t want to see more of Hugh Manatee then I will only post him on special occasions.

I will also post a link to my YouTube channel I am working on called PEN & THINK. On this YouTube I will be adding an animated series for Hugh Manatee. I currently do not have anything on the channel but I plan to upload some videos this summer. (I’ll keep you posted with the video posting.)

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