Monday, April 28, 2014

Super Fuel and Terrorist

Dichrome in the mind of Icarus (Thomas Sigwalt)

This week I want have my post be on the terrorists group in Luer known as Dichrome. Dichrome began popping up around the city of Luer shortly after the introduction of a new fuel to run the city’s demand for power. The fuel was called E-33. The E-33 had high cost to supply and manufacture but it self-sustained itself after a few weeks of starting the generators.

The only side effect of any vehicle/ device using this fuel was from the fumes that came out of the exhaust. The fumes seemed to have no immediate effect on the people of Luer, however many machines would combust or explode.

After some investigations took place there was a discovery that the very fumes of the machines would change into a highly unstable that would explode after any contact to any kind of spark or flame. Even though the gas was explosive the gas would not blow up the entire city do to its nature.

The E-33 gas has a nature to change. When exhausted the gas takes a week to change to a flammable substance. When the gas is exposes to any kind of spark it ignites. However, the gas morphs when it ignites making only a small explosion.

The gas was too far infused with the air of the city for anyone move the gas anywhere. Because of this very machine was altered, every metal was exchanged for ones that don’t spark, and guns were made illegal.

With the increase in crimes and deaths in the poorer sections of Luer and the constant ignorance from the rich to do anything gave a man the opportunity to lead a revolution. This was the start of Dichrome.

The identity of the leader of Dichrome remains a mystery, but he does go by the name of Icarus. He believes that everyone in power is a fault for what has happened to Luer. Icarus delivers justice to anyone who he decides is evil (or kill anyone that is not innocent).

Dichrome has obtained many followers over the years. Within the chaos of the city Dichrome offers a purpose to many people that would have no other reason to continue on living. Unfortunately, Dichrome demands sacrifice in order to achieve its goals.

A member of Dichrome (Thomas Sigwalt)
The after math (Thomas Sigwalt)

Dichrome assassinates anyone that they deem evil in the city of Luer. However, the followers of Dichrome believe that taking a life is evil too. In order to solve this issue Dichrome followers commit suicide after they assassinate someone. The words that Dichrome followers use are, “We die for our cause, so you can die for yours.”

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