Sunday, January 26, 2014

Hello World!

A Midnight Snack by Thomas Sigwalt
Hello, my name is Thomas Sigwalt. I am starting a blog to follow the progress I make with my first graphic novel. I have posted a sample picture to hint at the direction I want this novel to head. I currently am doing everything. I am the author, artist, editor, and writer.

 My goal for this book is not to be rolling in the $Benjamins$ but to relieve the artistic urge I have to create. I really hope that I can get helpful feedback from people like you reading this right now. I plan to be uploading and updating my blog weekly and I do need your support.

 If you are interested please follow my blog to keep up to date with my progress. I would like to hear your thoughts so please contribute by putting your thoughts down in the comment section down below. I want to hear your voices :). Share this blog with friends/family members that you think may also be interested to see and contribute to a new graphic novel.

This is my own personal project. Fame and fortune are not my motives for my novel. I do this because I REALLY want to put my ideas out my head and share them with the world. Please make my dream a reality.

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